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Dash cameras

Dash cameras are designed to mount to a vehicles windshield and record everything seen out the front of the vehicle.


Their purpose is manifold; they come in great use in case of an accident for insurance reasons or to present to a court, and they are a great way to record all the priceless moments on the road.

  • Video Quality

    First and foremost you want to make sure that the footage is as high quality as it can be. The higher the pixel count, the clearer the image will be.


    The bigger the storage capability on a DVR the better. Recorded footage will start overwriting old footage when the capacity is full so you want that capacity to be as large as it can to give as much time as possible before footage starts being overwritten.

  • GPS

    This is a really cool feature for dash cameras as you'll be able to see on playback the exact location that the footage was taken as well as the time and date. It will also display your exact driving route.

  • Camera Quantity

    Dash cameras either come with one camera or two. A second camera can be very useful to either point out the back of a vehicle or face inside the vehicle towards the driver and passengers.

  • Design

    The dash cameras design is important being that it will be on your windshield all the time. The smaller and better looking it is, the better looking your windshield will be!


All our dash cameras go through rigorous testing to ensure absolute quality for our customers. We make sure the mounts are small and secure, cameras don't overheat, picture quality is high and that these cameras can be relied upon. We also offer full support for our dash cameras and a one year warranty.

This means that we don't leave you hanging after your purchase. We are there with you and if there are any issues or faulty parts (things do happen) we will be there to help get your system working to its maximum.

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