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Do you provide instruction manuals?
We do! Click here to view all of our product manuals.

Do the backup camera systems work at night?
Yes. Most of our backup cameras come with infra-red lights and all come with excellent night vision. 

Will I be able to install a camera system myself?
Many people do have the handiness to install our systems without having to hire assistance. Otherwise we recommend professional installation as they can guarantee that the system is installed correctly. Click here to search for a recommended installer in your area.

What is the power source and how does it work?
Both the camera and monitor run off of one 12V/24V power-source. We use a central multiplexer, which allows all the cables to run off of one power source.

Where does one install the camera?
Typically the camera is placed at the top-center of the rear of the vehicle and angled properly as to eliminate your blind zone.

Do the systems function properly in rain or bad weather?
The camera is fully waterproof with a IP68 rating and will have no difficulty operating in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C. Occasionally you will need to wipe clean the glass over the camera lens as watermarks and dust do collect.

Is the system always on?
It’s your choice. The system can be installed to operate whenever the ignition system is turned on or only when the vehicle is in reverse gear. (For safety purposes, we recommend activation when backing up, so that the driver is not distracted).

What is the purpose of a rear view camera system?
They allow the driver to see behind the vehicle in the area, which mirrors alone cannot reach, also called the Blind Zone.

Will this work on any vehicle?
Yes. We have a system that will fit virtually any truck, commercial vehicle, emergency vehicles, trailers, RVs, motor homes, etc.

How soon can I get one?
Our warehouse in New York carries ample stock and can ship within 24 hours anywhere in the world.