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We are using these camera systems in an unusual situation. On what's called a sideloader. It is basically a fork lift with the forks on the side. The mast on these sideloaders create a large blind spot in front of the equipment. My operators challenged me to find a system that would work and eliminate the blind spot. I ordered one of these camera systems and installed it. Immediately I got positive feedback and have had several employees comment that they would like one for their personal vehiclemade and very durable.

-- JD Wagner, Bonnell Aluminum

JD Wagner, Bonnell Aluminum

A Backup Camera System for Construction Equipment Creates the Safest Possible Environment At All Times

Rear View Safety was founded with an incredibly simple goal in mind: we strive to use the latest and greatest that technology has to offer to create the safest possible roads at all times for both drivers and pedestrians.When you're operating a big piece of equipment like a forklift, even your mirrors won't necessarily alert you to obstacles to your rear that could cause damage or injury. With a backup camera for forklift equipment, on the other hand, you have access to high quality, real-time visual information that will let your drivers and operators make the smartest possible decision at a moment's notice.


Backup Camera Systems for Industrial Vehicles and Construction Solutions

Industrial vehicles and construction solutions are large by their very nature - they need to be, in order to provide you with the power you need to do your job as effectively as possible.At Rear View Safety we believe that effectiveness should never come at the expense of safety, which is why we offer a huge range of backup camera options for any type of industrial vehicle or construction equipment that you may have.

With a backup camera for bulldozer equipment, for example, the camera will feed high quality information from the rear of the vehicle into the cab at all times. Your driver will never have to worry about whether they're about to back into another piece of equipment, a structure or worse - a person.

They'll know beyond the shadow of a doubt thanks to the video stream that they have unfettered access to.

The Benefits of Purchasing with Rear View Safety

When you purchase a backup camera for a skid steer, a backup camera for tractor equipment or any other solution from Rear View Safety, you get all of the natural benefits of doing business with the company with the highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry at your disposal. Not only will your item ship the same day that you order it, but all products are also covered by a comprehensive 30-day return policy that we want you to take full advantage of should anything go wrong.The safety solutions that we offer are just one part of our core business model - the other part involves excellent customer service that will enable you to get the most out of these

We strive to offer the greatest technology to create safe roads.
We offer a range of backup camera options for any industrial vehicle
Excellent customer service that allows you to get the most of our products

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