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Why Buy From Us

1 higher quality, lower prices
Safety Comes First

Our mission is plain and simple: Keep people safe from vehicles. Safety is at the beginning and end of all that we do. Because we’re committed to keeping America’s roads, plants, and parking lots as safe as possible, we’re constantly researching innovative technology that will help keep you safe.

2 Knowledgeable support
Save Money, Reputation

Approximately 47% of all accidents are backup related. Our cameras reduce drivers’ blind spots and thus reduce the risk of accident.

The average fender-bender can cost a company upward of $5,000. That’s without taking into account reputation or increase in costs of insurance. By purchasing backup cameras, companies and individuals actually save their reputations, money and most importantly lives.

3 Guaranteed reliability
Top Notch Customer Service

We believe that a company is defined by its customer service. Our friendly and approachable Technical Support Team and customer service department are on call to help you with whatever you may need. Each member of our team is highly trained and proficient in all our products and systems. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. So it’s no wonder that some of America’s largest fleets trust us - including Alsco, JB Hunt and UPS.

4  Customer-Driven Designs
Customer-Driven Designs

We value our customers’ opinions and so we listen to what they need and want. The feedback we’ve received has helped us to respond to the changing needs of the consumer market and to be ahead of the curve in both technology and market trends. 

5  Latest Technology, Faster
Top Quality-Low Prices

We stand behind our products. Rear View Safety is a volume driven company as opposed to a margin driven company. We sell thousands of backup camera systems annually and work hard to keep our prices as low as possible. You can rely on us for quality, you can rely on us for durability, you can rely on us for up-to-date technology and you can rely on us for the most competitive pricing.

6 Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Ultimately, you are buying rear view camera equipment for greater peace of mind. If you're looking for high quality, cutting-edge technology with outstanding reliability and unbeatable support, Rear View Safety is the obvious choice — all at lower prices than our competition. We are a trusted provider of rear view camera solutions to thousands of customers since 2007 and look forward to helping you achieve safety, savings and peace of mind.